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The animals that call our farm home

They enjoy plenty sunshine, pasture and organic feed

Our dairy cow and her calf.

Jersey cows are famous for mild manners and the richness of their milk

We breed Red Bourbon heritage turkeys

Some of our pigs are raised specifically for charcuterie. On pasture over the course of two seasons and finished on Apples and acorns

We breed mixed heritage pigs. Our sows spend the year outdoors and are bred only once per season

Our flock spends the season on grass and the Winter on hay

Our Guinea foul breed freely and cohabitate peacefully (for the most part ) with everyone

We breed and raise Muskovy ducks for meat and eggs. They're provided as close to natural an environment as possible

We breed and raise White Chantecler heritage chicken for real chicken flavor

Our egg laying flock of Rhode Island reds and Plymouth barred rocks enjoy two acres of pasture

Alabaster our Great Pyrenees is tasked with keeping everyone safe 

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