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Let the children be our ambassadors and

help us plant the seeds of a better tomorrow

We focus on fun activities that build resiliency, life skills and

healthy living practices.


Good food is why we farm. Freshness and purity are essential in maintaining a healthy body.  The farm is home to many animals of various species, and we put special importance on the quality of their life alongside tending to the organically grown gardens. The children are exposed to the joy of food preparation on a daily basis, from milling flour for bread to harvesting vegetables from the garden. Meal preparation involves everyone seated around the table. 


Our children workshop week gives them the opportunity to disconnect from the competitive pace of contemporary life while engaging in a dynamic seasonal environment. Collaboration among the children is always encouraged while cultivating curiosity and creativity.

Activities include basic everyday chores around the farm from feeding our animals to collecting eggs at the end of the day. Special creative projects are so much a part of everyday life at the farm and the children have the opportunity to be part of making Quinta do Conde a place to create lasting memories.

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