212 County Road 16, Black River, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada  K0K 2P0

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2019 Organic Farm Summer Camp

Let the children be our ambassadors and

help us plant the seeds of a better tomorrow

At Quinta do Conde,  we focus on activities that build resiliency, life skills and healthy living practices.


A day at the farm includes activities from basic everyday chores, up to participation on special creative projects, all of it happening at an organic pace and including every person around.

Farm camp is an opportunity to disconnect from the competitive pace of contemporary life while engaged in a dynamic environment. Collaboration among the children is highly encouraged.

The farm is home to many animals of various species with great emphasis on the importance of the animals and the quality of their life.


Food is of the utmost importance! Freshness and purity are emphasized.  The children are exposed to the joy of food preparation on a daily basis.  

From milling the flour for the bread to harvesting the vegetables from the garden, meal preparation involves everyone who is going to be at the table. 


 Curiosity and creativity are cultivated daily through the many on and off site activities:

  • Creative wood working

  • Painting

  • Gardening

  • Grain milling

  • Baking

  • Cooking

  • Nature exploration

  • Yoga

  • Canoeing

  • Swimming

Available for Children ages 8 to 12 .

Overnight weekly Sunday to Saturday dates available for July  to  August 

Eight campers maximum per week.  4:1 camper to counsellor ratio