212 County Road 16, Black River, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada  K0K 2P0

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The new model farm



Indulge in a healthy country lifestyle naturally, seasonally, rejuvenate.



 City to Country Transition


What you need to know

Permaculture Design Principles


Practical applications

Off the Grid Living


Small scale energy generation and management

Animal Husbandry


Animal shelter design and build

Animal Harvesting & Butchering

From traditional humane slaughtering

 techniques to meat preserving.

Rain Water Collection


Using gravity to your advantage.

Please email us on the subject of interest and we will advise on the earliest available date



Our organic veggies and meats.

No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. No synthetic fertilizers. No GMO or medicated (antibiotics) feed for our livestock and only organic locally sourced grain. 


The varied livestock that inhabits the Quinta. Pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks enjoy acres of pasture that is managed in a rotational system.



Come and experience the foods we grow and raise 

Table-at-the-farm Harvest dinner

Our menus are 100% seasonal

All the food offered is grown and raised organically at our farm and harvested fresh for the event.


Monday to Friday 12:00 to 2:00

Jul 1 to Aug 31

It's quick but not fast food

Heading 2

Let food be thy medicine.




We welcome volunteers through WWOOF and WORKAWAY, two organizations that connect volunteers and hosts. Amongst the general tasks associated with the day to day running of the Quinta, volunteers will have the opportunity to participate on several special projects