Building a resilient community 



With us and indulge in a healthy country lifestyle naturally, seasonally, rejuvenate.



How to tread lightly on our planet while having a great time 


  • Food literacy and awareness

  •  Fun and healthy cuisine 

  • Ethical animal husbandry

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Ecological technologies

  • Permaculture design 

  • Sustainability

Our organic veggies and fruits

No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. No synthetic fertilizers. 



Come and experience the foods we grow and raise 

Table-at-the-farm Harvest dinner

Our menus are 100% seasonal

All the food offered is grown and raised organically at our farm and harvested fresh for the event.


Monday to Friday 12:00 to 2:00

Jul 1 to Aug 31

It's quick but not fast food

Let food be thy medicine.



opportunities at Quinta do conde

  • Our commitment to help build a resilient community implies the creation of work opportunities.

  • We actively seek collaborations and partnerships.

  • We offer internships and volunteering opportunities as well. 

  • Send us your idea. We are open to exploring any idea that can help carve a better path.